Few Tips On How To Create SEO Friendly Content

Are you aware of the root of Search Engine Optimisation? SEO begins and ends with good quality content. It is so important that every SEO organization these days are hiring content writers with the creative niche of mind. None these days implement optimization strategy without a solid content strategy. Wondering what we are talking about. Give this blog a read.

What is SEO content writing?

Seo content writing is a process of curating content in a way so that it starts ranking higher for the related keyword searches. It involves using keywords in a strategic manner that will help the content to get optimized for both the search engines and humans.

For writing SEO friendly content you are required to adhere to certain techniques. Such as

  • Inserting the keyword phrases properly so that they appear in the title of the web page or blog post.  
  • Strategically distributing the keywords so that it does not appear forced.
  • The keywords should be scattered all over the body of the content.
  • Using alternative phrases, or LSI Keywords. In other words Latent Semantic Indexing. This denotes keywords related to the main keyword.
  • Over usage of Keywords, phrases should be avoided.
  •  Inserting of keywords within the <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags , so that more emphasis can be placed on the keywords.

Above are just a few tips on how to create SEO friendly content. There’s a huge list of the dos and don’ts for creating SEO friendly content. Most important among them is to be to the point and grammatically correct. Wondering would you be able to adhere to so many rules. Don’t worry, we will come to your rescue. We are providing one of the best content writing services in Bangalore equipped with the creative team. Leave the entire burden on us and you relax.  

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