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A few years back Bill gates in the book Business at the Speed of Thought explained how digital infrastructures and technology are putting businesses ahead in this competitive world.

However, the technologies mentioned in the book already seems to be backdated, but the basics of the book stand still. Since technology is evolving at a rapid speed, business is moving very fast so does their marketing endeavors.

The marketing basics that can attract your ideal customers remain the same always. What can change is the channel through which the business delivers its messages. For example, in the current scenario digital marketing involves a full spectrum of SEO optimization, customer retention tactics, customer engagement strategies, PPC, social media and many more that’s why wedoeconsult is a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore focusing on all the aspects if digital Marketing to help business grow online.

Businesses having the ability to move fast can gain more customers while business failing to keep pace with the current developments fall behind. This article will try to give you a brief on current trends and innovations.

So read on.

Targeted Facebook marketing can fetch profit:

Digital marketing, to put it in simpler words, can’t be ignored. A marketing and advertising campaign if effectively executed can serve the needs and requirements of all business and in turn, increase the product demand. However, the strategies of digital marketing have changed a lot in recent years. With social media streaming content the ways of creating and consuming online content becoming easier, a big chunk of marketing tactics are done through social media.

Facebook is currently ruling the social media platforms in the USA with over 41% of senior users over 65 of ages. For marketing your products and services to a senior section of the population, there is no other platform which is better than Facebook. However, in the year 2018 Facebook faced a difficult situation related to a data breach which dropped the user rate to a huge number.

It can’t be denied that Facebook’s popularity has decreased because of its alleged involvement with political propaganda. People are feeling that the relationship between Facebook and the public are declining.

Thus, it is important that you being a digital marketer check the target market carefully since Facebook can be unsuitable for some of the campaigns. However, Facebook is still huge with massive numbers of American users but you need to be updated about your target audience, only then you can fetch profit from your marketing tactics on Facebook.

AI usage will increase

According to reports AI will see a sharp growth in the marketing world this year since AI is now monitoring customer segmentation, push notification, click tracking, retargeting and many more things. AI is even generating content these days.

The incorporation of AI in your digital marketing tactics depends on your channels and goals, but if you are not in association with someone who is proficient enough in leveraging AI in their marketing intelligence and delivery systems then you will lag behind the process.

Usage of Chatbots will see a rise

Human beings love to interact with other humans since humans are social animals, they love to be heard. That is why social media networks are rising in popularity. Constant interaction with customers through social media channels can bring you closer to them. However, interacting with customers continuously is not always possible, this can be done via a chatbot on your website if you are facing any issue reach any website development company in bangalore.

They can greet your customers and interact with them on their visit to your website. With AI constantly improving over the years, chatbots are also improving since they are infused with the ability to hold a basic conversation with the visitors and answer the most asked questions like a human representative.

Although many websites have come up with live chat support systems, still chatbots need a lot of improvement to replace human representatives.

The rise in omnichannel marketing

Consumers these days don’t rely on only one channel to find information. They search the information through many channels. Initially, these multichannel marketing was introduced so that a business can communicate with many prospects through these channels.

For example, prospects will be introduced to a business through Facebook, Twitter ads and so on.

However, these multi-channel marketing could not solve problems of all consumers thus the concept of omnichannel marketing was introduced so that better user experience can be provided to all the prospects by providing seamless and consistent communication process to customers and prospects in different channels.

Omnichannel is basically all channels available to customers and the connection among them. Omnichannel aims to keep a track of the prospect’s interactions even if you are interacting with them through various channels.

This will help you to impress your customers since they will think you are paying attention to their needs and requirements.

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