5 best email marketing tools for your online business

IF you ask any digital marketing agency in Bangalore and they would certainly vouch for some tools and softwares that they have been using for email marketing for years. It is also important to note that not every software or tool fits one and all.

Businesses have to make their choice based on their budget, the size of the list they have, the integrations needed and so on. Choice can also be made on the factor of marketing automation; if you as a business require marketing automation or not.

Let us learn about the 5 best email marketing tools that any business can use for email marketing campaigns to generate sale for their business, as suggested by wedoeconsult a digital marketing agency in bangalore.

  1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is ideal for small businesses and for start-ups as it includes it all. Being an affordable platform, it does not fall short when it comes to the features available. Users can make use of all-in-one email marketing along with its automation platform. One of the unique features of ActiveCampaign is its very own CRM system that is quite useful in managing leads and converting the leads into long-lasting customers. If you are an email marketing agency in Bangalore, this is the one to choose.

5 best email marketing tools for your online business
  • GetResponse

This is another option for those who are just starting up. The pricing of this too is affordable and the importing of your list would take not more than a few seconds. One can also choose from more than 500 email templates and this is ideal for those who wish to create professional looking newsletters. They are also known for their amazing customer support. If you are looking for a software that can be easily integrated to your WordPress or Shopify site, this is the one to choose. If you are still starting up and wish to have a website done with GetResponse integrated, it is time you hire a digital marketing agency in Bangalore to handle it all for you.

  • MailChimp

MailChimp is known to be the most used email marketing tool by the top email marketing companies in Bangalore. This is an ideal option for freelancers or to market small to medium sized projects. The user interface of MailChimp is excellent and powerful. If you wish to try email marketing for 100% free, choose MailChimp.

  • ConvertKit

ConvertKit is perfect for product marketers and for bloggers too. This is specially designed for bloggers and comes included with a good number of tools that makes it easy for bloggers to create a list and promote their content. A well-designed tool with attention paid to every small detail!

  • Aweber

If you are one of those looking for an established email marketing tool, within your budget, Aweber is just perfect for you. Aweber is not only cost effective but is also known for its ease to use. It is not feature heavy but has it all to run a successful email marketing campaign.

If you are planning to go advanced with the email marketing, Aweber provides some amazing features like Split testing, autoresponders, RSS to email and much more.

If you are looking forward to reaching your leads via email marketing and are not sure where to start from, hire wedoeconsult an email marketing company in Bangalore today! And start generating leads for your business.

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