Sources To Get Traffic For Websites

Traffic means hope. Every visit to your website means there is a chance for something good to happen. That is why digital marketing traffic is the first goal. It is also the brand awareness goal.

Generating traffic plays a huge role in the digital marketing field. Thus let’s take a look at the sources from where visitors are coming. Traffic comes into a website from different sources, such as website apps, social networks, search engines and many more.

Among these, some might be more important to you than that of the others. However, maintaining diversity in traffic sources is important.

There is a hidden risk in your marketing strategies if you receive traffic from one particular source or if you don’t at all receive traffic from one source.

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Guest Posting:

Guest posting serves a couple of functions. Firstly, if you start guest posting then you will be able to get connected with a website that already has numerous hooked up audiences.

For example, the readership of TechCrunch is in the hundreds of thousands, if you can get your brand featured there, you would be able to fetch huge visibility. Unfortunately, the bigger the publisher, the tougher it is to get featured, thus begin with something small initially.

The 2nd selling factor is direct site visitors. When you allow guest posting on your site it will fetch visitors as long as your content is precious and authoritative. This, in turn, will have a long term advantage for you.

Visitors posts help you in both content material promotion and SEO. Due to all these factors, it is one of the favorites on this listing.

Building your Social Media Audience:

Social target market building might seem difficult. However, if you can have your priorities right, it will surely be the most effective way by which you can scale your user base. Here’s why on social media, you can interact with customers directly.

You can use content material to begin attracting a target market evidently, or advertise to funnel traffic immediately. However, most importantly, you can interact with humans.

When you interact with customers, by way of liking and sharing their posts, or simply through engaging them in communication, you can introduce them for your brand.

It takes time but in a few weeks, you can theoretically build a target base to serve as a platform for further increase.

Leverage Influencers:

Influencer marketing can help you penetrate through the noise and reach your target audience more effectively. However, for maximizing the impact that an influencer can have on your brand you need to develop a proper SEO linking strategy.

It is certain that getting your products or services endorsed on a celebrity’s Instagram, Youtube or blog page can be a thrilling experience. The likes, shares and increased brand awareness which follows from that are great. However, those little thrills can convert into more traffic and sales for a long time.

Usage of Paid Ads:

Paid advertising is my least favorite among the strategies mentioned above. However, it is an essential alternative, we can say. Why is it my least preferred? Because it is very time-consuming.

You need to pay in advance for an assured stream of inbound site visitors on your website online, which may or may not be valuable. After withdrawing the finances, the commercials are turned off and your campaign becomes de-functional.

Advertising is undoubtedly a good approach. It is rapid and worthwhile, however, it simply does not have the ability to grow that natural techniques provide.

I am mentioning some right options below for fast paid traffic.

  • StumbleUpon commercials
  • Reddit advertisements
  • Facebook commercials
  • Twitter advertisements
  • LinkedIn advertisements
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads

Running Contests and Promotions:

Contests and promotions are more like paid advertising. Here also you need to make an upfront investment – usually in a hot purchaser product, a present card or something valuable.

After that, you need to ask your users to like or share your post for getting enrolled in the competition.

Contests are powerful since they spread like wildfire. It is a good way to get quick massive visibility. Remember it does not always imply that you will get an amazing return on your investment.

If you want a good ROI then you must invest in Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing. These two can beat paid marketing if done right.

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