Have you optimized the content of your website, blogs, Meta descriptions, and sub headers of your website? Are you happy to have an optimized website that can load within fractions of a second? Stop here, what about the images? These days, search engines are showing as much as image results as that of text result, […]

Sources To Get Traffic For Websites

Traffic means hope. Every visit to your website means there is a chance for something good to happen. That is why digital marketing traffic is the first goal. It is also the brand awareness goal. Generating traffic plays a huge role in the digital marketing field. Thus let’s take a look at the sources from where visitors […]

Few crisp tips on how to improve email marketing efforts

So your emails are getting no response from the clients? It’s time you must be aware of the things that are going wrong in the campaign. We all receive emails that we delete immediately or ignore.  They become disturbing to us. Is this happening to your emails as well? Then, understand the reason. Maybe your […]

Actionable SEO tips | Wedoeconsult Digital marketing agency in Bangalore

Keyword research is important Keywords form the basis of SEO. A good SEO practice revolves around finding out the correct words users type into the search bar while looking for products and services on the web. The best way of doing keyword research is by using the Google Keyword Planner. Content is still the king […]

What elements constitute a successful marketing campaign?

According to a study by Wordstream, the small businesses spend more than $1200 on PPC on an average, however, one-fourth of the budget gets wasted since these campaigns fail to produce results. It is not that PPC does not work, it all depends on how to execute a successful PPC marketing campaign. Certain key factors […]

5 best email marketing tools for your online business

IF you ask any digital marketing agency in Bangalore and they would certainly vouch for some tools and softwares that they have been using for email marketing for years. It is also important to note that not every software or tool fits one and all. Businesses have to make their choice based on their budget, […]

Top digital marketing trends for 2019 | wedoeconsult

A few years back Bill gates in the book Business at the Speed of Thought explained how digital infrastructures and technology are putting businesses ahead in this competitive world. However, the technologies mentioned in the book already seems to be backdated, but the basics of the book stand still. Since technology is evolving at a […]

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